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Helping producers to flourish in Aotearoa and overseas
You produce many of the finest foods in the world. We exist to help you thrive.

Homeland is here to sell great food in a damaged world. Insights from over 100 producers, trade and economic agencies grappling with Covid-19 shaped its design. Homeland’s biggest driver is powerful, sustainable food for everyone. We’ll make sure you reach markets at home and far beyond.  

Producers become part of the Homeland family. We serve your kai in the Dining Room, teach people how to cook it, make great tasting take-home feeds, and sell direct to consumers.  We also tell stories to audiences far from here through our four camera studio.  Multilingual communities show how great food is enjoyed in many different homelands.  

Problems with food technology, recipe development, production pathways, brand, B2C, WWW, global and local trade can be solved at Homeland by our network of advisors and experts.

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If your kai is sustainable and comes from Aotearoa and the Pacific, let’s discuss how we might amplify its power and increase trade. 


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If you are a New Zealand food producer who would like to work with Peter and the team, give us a call or send us an email.

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